Typewriter & Equipment Company Limited was established in 1946 by George F. H. Wells and his two sons Harry and Donald.

They opened after the war repairing and reconditioning Typewriters, during post war years there were no new machines available.

The business then started to sell new office machines – Typewriters, adding machines and 'Oh gosh' Calculators.

Office Furniture and stationery then followed thus completing 'everything for the office'.

Outside engineers called on all the local businesses and a delivery service for customers too!

In 1959 they became a limited company.

1972 saw the original premises compulsory purchased to make way for the new ‘by pass’.

Expansion was well overdue and new bespoke premises were built with new large showroom and service department on a site on the opposite side of the road still keeping the High Street address.

Yvonne Wells (Donald’s daughter) joined the company in august 1975 starting at the bottom with all the menial jobs to learn the trade. This apprenticeship continued until September 1980 when Andrew Wells (Donald’s son) joined the company too and the ‘menials’ could be passed on.

Yvonne and Andrew are still at the helm up to the present day offering a knowledgeable and personal service gained by many years of experience.